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Deluxe Shinai Maintenance set Kurama - Tax Free 6mm fit-stitch bogu set
Our Price: $31.00
List Price: $560.00
Our Price: $420.00
Sale Price: $320.00
You save $240.00!
Deluxe Shinai Maintenance set The Kurama - broad 6mm stitching ensures excellent protection and comfort for hard keiko.
Free Worldwide Shipping Tax Free
Free Worldwide Shipping
Hikari - 1.5bu hand-stitched bogu set Michi - 6mm Orizashi Kote
Our Price: $2,045.50
List Price: $145.00
Our Price: $125.00
You save $20.00!
The Hikari 1.5bu - amazing protection and comfort from its hand-stitching and expert oversight. The futon tapers when it meets the himo allowing this kote to retain its shape and not open over time.
Free Worldwide Shipping The Michi Kote is one of Tozando's best selling kote and with good reason. They are designed to be a light-weight set of practical kote that still offer fantastic protection. The futon uses a new type of padding that allows for thicker protection without adding extra weight. Furthermore the himo are attached specially to the tapered edges of the futon preventing it from expanding and losing shape after prolonged use.

Furthermore this set has a flexible wrist at an oblique angle - comfortably settling your arms into a natural kamae. This combined with the kote's long term durability means they are an excellent set to use for vigorous training sessions that involve kakarigeiko or oikomi. The 6mm stitching also offers excellent protection and comfort - motodachi will also appreciate the extra 20% padding on the right kote that helps absorb particularly fierce strikes to that common datotsu-bu.

Finally the kote is finished with Orizashi cotton, this keeps the set light-weight and breathable. Comfortable throughout keiko and then drying quickly after, perfect for anyone with a demanding schedule. The Michi is an excellent set of kote for any kendoka looking for a dependable set that they can use for long periods. Its excellent protective features combined with its weight allow you to be comfortable and confident in practice getting everything you can out of your training. We happily ship these kote round the world for free.
Deluxe Jersey Kendo Gi & Tetron Hakama Set Basic Jersey Kendo Gi & Tetron Hakama Set
Our Price: $99.00
Our Price: $81.00
Deluxe Jersey Kendo Gi & Tetron Hakama Set Basic Jersey Kendo Gi & Tetron Hakama Set
Free Worldwide Shipping Free Worldwide Shipping